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Meet Crystal Simon

Wedding enthusiast, mom, wife and business owner Crystal Simon brings over 20 years of experience to her role as the founder of Peach Blossoms. A bridal beauty expert with a particular passion for Hollywood glam and vintage pinup looks, she styles more than 90 weddings each year. Recently, she has added work at New York Fashion Week to her portfolio, styling for designers including Paraguay Collective, Christian Colorado, Jaer Caban, and original Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson. 


Crystal says, “My favorite part of my work is taking a look that someone has imagined, possibly since childhood, and bringing it to life on their wedding day.” The artistic side of bridal beauty resonates with her; she describes her process as “sculpting” a look that’s perfectly tailored to the bride’s vision. In addition, she enjoys the intensity of styling for weddings; they remind her of Fashion Week and its demands for energy, creativity, and attention to detail. Plus, she just loves love. She says, “I cry at the weddings of people I don’t even know!”


Since starting Peach Blossoms in 2016, Crystal has grown her team to include expert stylists who share her aesthetic, her dedication to the highest level of customer care, and her passion for the art of bridal beauty. She says, “We truly enjoy being a part of the little details–guiding our brides through the booking and planning process, then ensuring that the wedding day itself is completely seamless.”


Crystal says, “I am so blessed to take part in momentous occasions with my brides, their wedding parties, and every client who chooses Peach Blossoms. Thank you for letting me and my team be a part of your special day. We really are the lucky ones!”

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