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Fashion Week Styling

“I love the intensity of Fashion Week—working fast, having lots of tools in your tool bucket, and pivoting at a moment’s notice to meet the designer’s request.” - Peach Blossoms Founder Crystal Simon

New York Fashion Week

In addition to styling more than 90 weddings each year, our founder Crystal Simon offers hair styling for runway fashion shows. She attended New York Fashion Week for the Fall 2024 season, and will head to Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2025.


Crystal loves the fast-paced energy of Fashion Week, as well as the experience of collaborating with other industry professionals who are equally passionate about their work. She says, “No designer can do a show without hair and makeup, and stylists like me can’t shine bright without the designer’s vision and the talented models. We all need each other to showcase our craft.”


When working with brides and bridesmaids, Crystal applies her Fashion Week experience of styling under pressure. She says, “Lots of unexpected challenges can pop up on a wedding day, and those require a sense of calm in a high-intensity environment. At Fashion Week, I’ve learned lots of techniques for creating outstanding, original, and elevated looks in a time crunch.”

Peach Blossoms Fashion Week Clients

LaTavia Roberson (an original member of Destiny’s Child)
Paraguay Collective: Ofelia, Tanya Maldonado, Anghel Roderick

Christian Colorado 

Jaer Caban

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